Hoover Dam Kayak Launch Service

Paddlers who want to launch here must secure a permit and ride with a local outfitter like us!
We drop you and your gear off at the base of the Hoover Dam.

  • bring your own gear

  • launch from the Hoover Dam

  • witness a modern marvel

  • chance to spot wildlife

The Hoover Dam launch site is within a federal level one security zone, and strict regulations are enforced for paddlers who wish to utilize the area. Private vehicles are not allowed; only approved outfitters can transport people and gear to the bottom of the canyon.

Important Launch Guidelines for Paddlecraft: Efficiency and Preparation Required

The area is for launching paddlecraft only (no motors, no large rafts) and there is very short window of time to get your boats loaded and on the water. Boats and gear will need to be carried about 100 yards to the waters edge. Paddlers need to be efficient and move with a sense of urgency; 15 minutes is all the time allowed by the National Park Service. If your group cannot launch in a timely manner your launch will be considered forfeited and you will be required to leave with the security escort. Be sure you are organized and ready.

Permit Requirements and Details for Paddlecraft Launch

A permit is required for every person, which included in the price and is non-refundable and non-transferrable for any reason (including outfitter cancellations). The current cost of the NPS permit is $30/person. Participants 15 years of age and younger, and those with an America The Beautiful parks pass receive a discounted rate of $15/person. Permit names must match photo identification exactly (think airport security), or you may be turned away.

Limited Paddlecraft Permits: Secure Yours Early

Paddlecraft permits are limited in quantity and can sell out quickly, sometimes up to six months in advance. They are required for the launch day only, and have no bearing on camping locations or number of days you spend in the canyon. We are happy to check dates for you anytime.

All tours are handled by

Mojave Adventure Kayaking LLC