Cranes Nest Kayak Tour

Embark on this day trip kayak tour through the breathtaking Black Canyon to the Cranes Nest Wash after you visit the Emerald Cave and witness historical landmarks related to the Hoover Dam.

  • 5 hour guided kayak tour launching at the Willow Beach Marina

  • Swim in the Colorado River on a private beach

  • kayak equipment and snacks included

  • witness historic sites and unforgettable views

  • take emerald cave photos and explore slot canyons

  • 8 mile flat water kayak trip

  • chance to see incredible wildlife

Just going the 2 miles beyond the Emerald Cave will provide an unforgettable experience in a whole new area of the Colorado Rivers stunning beauty. More quiet time, more serene, less crowds, a sandy beach with shade trees, and an optional hike up a desert canyon. Providing more complimentary photo opportunities and everlasting memories.

What To Wear?

You'll want to wear sunglasses and something that wicks away moisture, like clothes that say quick dry. If you are worried about sunburn, use long sleeves and compression-fit leggings under your shorts. When you get in and out of your kayak, you will be stepping in the water, so we recommend water shoes or sandals, not flip-flops.

Additionally, during the winter and fall months it's recommended to bring a lightweight rain jacket or windbreaker in case of unexpected poor weather or splashes from the water. Even if the forecast predicts clear skies, it's always better to be prepared.

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What To Bring?

Prepare for your kayak adventure by packing essential items such as sun protection, your phone or camera, and extra bottled water. Additionally, bring along optional items like a towel, swimming goggles, your favorite healthy snacks, and even an extra pair of socks to enhance your experience.

Can You Get To Cranes Nest On Your Own?

While it is possible to reach Cranes Nest on your own, opting for a kayak tour with a knowledgeable guide offers significantly more value compared to simply renting a kayak. The price difference between the two options is minimal when compared to the unforgettable memories, experience and insight provided by a professional guide.

How Far Is the kayak tour From Las Vegas?

Embarking on one of our kayak tours is a breeze with the starting point at Willow Beach, just an hour's drive from Las Vegas. Depending on your location in Las Vegas, you can easily access Willow Beach by taking either the 515 South or the 215 towards Henderson. From there, merge onto the 11 South towards Arizona, where you'll be treated to breathtaking views of Lake Mead along the way. Keep an eye out for a Scenic View photo opportunity before reaching the Willow Beach exit. Upon arrival at Willow Beach Rd, a fee of $25 per vehicle or a presentation of your park pass will grant you access at the Lake Mead NRA Fee Station. Follow the road until the magnificent Colorado River comes into sight, where we will launch from Kayak Beach. As you continue forward, the Willow Beach Marina awaits, offering amenities such as bathrooms, a convenience store, and the delectable Black Canyon Grill.

Is Emerald Cave Worth Visiting?

The Emerald Caves beautiful green water is an attraction you won't want to miss out on. Not only will you be amazed by the fantastic photo opportunity in the Emerald Cove itself, but you'll also have the opportunity to experience the beauty of the towering Black Canyon walls. Take a hike to a scenic view at a historical site and learn about the diverse plant life, minerals, and wildlife of the stunning desert landscape.

How long is the Cranes Nest kayak tour?

Depending on skill level, the Cranes Nest kayak tour is an exciting journey that typically takes around 5 hours to complete. This allows you to have an hour to explore historical sites with breathtaking views, take a refreshing swim in the cool waters of the Colorado River, and replenish your energy with healthy snacks.

Is Kayaking Emerald Cave Worth It?

Don't let the occasional long wait times at the Emerald Cave deter your kayak trip. Surprisingly, the Emerald Cave is simply the cherry on top of an already incredible experience! This stretch of the Colorado River boasts breathtaking views, captivating historical sites, and astonishing wildlife in the Black Canyon that will leave you completely mesmerized. Trust us when you choose our Private Tour: the Emerald Cave is but a blip in an all-around amazing journey.

What To Expect on Your Cranes Nest Kayak Tour

When you get to Willow Beach Rd, to enter Lake Mead National Park, you might have to pay the national park entry fee, or you can present your national park pass if you have one.

Show up early enough to give yourself time to visit the Willow Beach Marina store and grab some extra snacks or water if you haven't already. Right across from the store are some decent bathrooms.

You can use these before you start your way over to Kayak Beach, the paddle craft launch area you saw on the way in.

Be at Kayak Beach meeting location 15 minutes before the departure time so we can get you comfortable in your PFD (Personal Floatation Device) and go over a quick safety and paddle talk.

When you board your single or tandem kayak, place one foot in front of the seat, then sit down before bringing your second foot in. The last step for getting in your kayak is adjusting your footrests so that you are comfortable throughout the entire experience.

Once everyone is in a kayak and ready to go we paddle together up the crystal-clear waters of the Colorado River, with incredible sights around every bend.

Sometimes you can spot amazing desert wildlife such as bighorn sheep, different types of water fowl, or the elusive bald eagle.

After we take some Emerald Cave photos we will be half way to our destination.

The breathtaking beauty of the Cranes Nest is only a short paddle away.

Cranes Nest Wash on the Colorado River is a bucket list, serene, secluded beauty of nature.

Characterized by its clear, emerald waters and lush, surrounding vegetation. It is an ideal place to spot wildlife, go for a swim, and an optional 15-minute hike. This is a leisurely non challenging excursion anyone can enjoy.

On the way back we will stop at the River Gaugers beach. Here we will get out of the kayaks, re-fuel on some healthy snacks and maybe go for a swim. We also take a walk up a short path to a historic landmark. We take in an awe-inspiring view with a fantastic photo opportunity while we learn about the smell of rain in the desert.

After taking a well-deserved break, we get back in our kayaks and finish the final leg of our exciting journey back to where we started at Kayak Beach.

We take complimentary photos throughout the journey to help share your everlasting memories and will share them with you via a Google Drive link.

All tours are handled by

Mojave Adventure Kayaking LLC