The Whole Dam Tour

Experience the awe-inspiring views of the Hoover Dam up close on our full-day kayak trip. The Whole Dam Tour offers an incredible experience as you paddle through the Black Canyon water trail on the Colorado River. This 12-mile flat water paddle takes you to multiple geothermal hot springs, creating an unforgettable experience.

Tour Highlights:

  • 7-hour guided kayak tour with spectacular views

  • 12 mile journey

  • Minimum 2 Maximum 6 paddlers

  • kayak, paddle, life-vest, lunch, knowledgeable guide

  • selected date is subject to availability

  • payment is not required until availability is confirmed

Important Requirements:

  • Everyone must bring photographic identification, as security personnel will deny access without it

  • This is a very time-sensitive tour. Security escorts will not wait for anyone arriving past the scheduled morning check-in time. Please arrive at least 40 minutes prior to your scheduled launch time

National Park pass holders and children under 15 can save $15 per person!

A bucket list adventure

Begin your amazing kayaking experience with a descent down the original road carved into the canyon walls used during the 1930s to access the Hoover Dam. This breathtaking journey starts at the base of the Hoover Dam, leading you down the Colorado River through the Black Canyon, offering a world-class trip with incredible wildlife and dramatic canyon landscaping.

What is sauna cave?

The first stop on The Whole Dam kayak tour is Sauna Cave, originally intended as a diversion tunnel during the dam's construction. Digging halted when a natural hot spring was discovered. Soak in the warm pools and explore this unique geological feature, an awesome experience you won't forget.

What is Gold Strike Canyon?

Our second stop, Gold Strike Canyon, is a slot canyon hike providing the closest public access to the Hoover Dam from the Colorado River. After visiting the Sauna Cave, we'll stop at the Gold Strike hot spring right next to the river shore, adding another layer to your lifetime experience.

What is arizona hot springs?

One of the most famous destinations on our tour, the Arizona Hot Springs, is nestled inside a slot canyon and features knee-to-waist deep hot spring pools. A short hike to a waterfall ladder leads you to the main pools, making this an amazing experience in the heart of nature.

How to beat the heat?

On hot days, stay hydrated and cool off in the refreshing Colorado River. We can stop for swim breaks at any time in the cold water, ensuring you remain comfortable throughout this memorable experience.

What is the best way to see hoover dam?

For the best views of the Hoover Dam, the Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Bridge offers a top perspective after passing through a security checkpoint. However, our Whole Dam kayak tour provides a more immersive experience. Paddle 12 miles of calm waters with an awesome guide, witnessing the grandeur of the dam from a unique vantage point.

Can you kayak at hoover dam?

A permit is required to launch at the bottom of the dam, obtainable only through authorized paddlecraft outfitters like us. Join our Colorado River Kayak Tour, or let us assist you in launching with your own equipment. Permits are included in the tour price and are acquired on a first-come, first-served basis due to National Park Service limitations.

How long does it take to kayak from hoover dam to willow beach?

Kayaking from Hoover Dam to Willow Beach takes about 6 hours at a comfortable pace, covering the 12-mile flatwater paddle trip. Allow extra time for stops to explore slot canyons, bathe in natural hot springs, and enjoy the emerald green waters.

Do we still visit the emerald cave?

The Emerald Cave is conveniently located between the dam and Willow Beach. If you're interested, we can include a visit to this enchanting spot in your tour, adding another highlight to your awesome experience.

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Join us for The Whole Dam Tour and create lasting memories as you explore the marvels of the Black Canyon and the Hoover Dam. This incredible experience blends history, nature, and adventure into a single day of discovery, relaxation, and spectacular views.Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity. Reserve your spot today and embark on The Whole Dam Tour with Kayak Hoover Dam. Experience the awe, the beauty, and the thrill of a lifetime experience on this amazing kayaking journey.

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