A Leap In The Past Tour

Paddle down the Colorado River almost 4 miles in search of a leap to the past! Petroglyphs are another must-see hidden treasure that many paddlers have heard of, but few can find.

  • 5 hour guided kayak tour launching at the Willow Beach Marina

  • Swim in the Colorado River on a sandy beach

  • kayak equipment, snacks and amazing guide included

  • explore hidden shores

  • 7 mile roundtrip paddle

Down river you will find emerald waters, hidden shores, mysterious places, and see the quiet areas away from Emerald Cave and the Willow Beach Marina..

You'll stop on a beach to relax, re-fuel and perhaps take a dip in the cool canyon water.

A Seamless Blend of Adventure and History

Embark on a kayaking adventure on the Colorado River. This five-hour guided kayak trip launches from the Kayak Beach meeting location and takes you deep into the heart of one of the most intriguing and serene sections of the river. Paddling a total of seven miles, this tour offers a unique opportunity to explore hidden coves and historical treasures, swim in crystal-clear waters, and experience the untouched beauty of mother nature.

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A Journey Through Hidden Histories

The Frogman Petroglyphs remain a Willow Beach Historical Sites mystery to the many paddlers who struggle to locate them. However, with our expert guide, you will be led directly to these fascinating relics of the past. Their enigmatic figures and symbols are etched into the rock faces, silently narrating stories from a bygone era. As you paddle towards this historic site, our knowledgeable guide will share the lore and legends surrounding the Black Canyon, enriching your journey with tales of discovery and adventure.

An Immersive Desert Experience

As you paddle through the algae-tinted water, you will pass by hidden coves, awe-inspiring views, and mysterious places far removed from the more popular and crowded spots like Emerald Cave. The beauty of the Black Canyon lies in its seclusion and the sense of peace it offers. The canyon walls rise majestically on either side, creating a natural sanctuary where you can spot amazing desert wildlife and truly disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the Las Vegas Strip.

Exploring the Frogman Petroglyphs

These ancient carvings are one of the best-kept secrets of the Black Canyon. Despite their proximity to well-traveled routes, their exact location is known to only a few, making this a rare and exciting bucket list kayaking adventure. The carvings, which feature various figures including the distinctive frogman, are believed to have been created by Native American tribes who lived in the region centuries ago.

A Unique Adventure Awaits

Kayak Lake Mead’s Leap in the Past Tour is an amazing adventure that promises to leave you with everlasting memories of your scenic kayaking river tour. From the hidden coves and emerald waters to the ancient petroglyphs and tranquil beaches, every aspect of this tour is designed to provide an enriching and unforgettable experience.

What To Expect on Your Leap In The Past Kayak Tour

When you get to Willow Beach Rd, to enter Lake Mead National Park, you might have to pay the national park entry fee, or you can present your national park pass if you have one.

Show up early enough to give yourself time to visit the Willow Beach Marina store and grab some extra snacks or water if you haven't already.

Right across from the store are some decent bathrooms.

You can use these before you start your way over to Kayak Beach, the paddle craft launch area you saw on the way in.

Be at Kayak Beach 15 minutes before the launch time so we can get you comfortable in your PFD (Personal Floatation Device) and go over a quick safety and paddle talk.

When you board your single or tandem kayak, place one foot in front of the seat, then sit down before bringing your second foot in.

The last step for getting in your kayak is adjusting your footrests so that you are comfortable throughout the entire experience.

Once everyone is in a kayak and ready to go we paddle together down the crystal-clear waters of the Colorado River, with incredible sights around every bend.

Sometimes you can spot amazing desert wildlife such as bighorn sheep, different types of water fowl, or the elusive bald eagle.

When we reach the location of Frogman petroglyphs, we will get out of the kayaks, relax on a private beach, re-fuel on some healthy snacks and maybe go for a swim.

After taking a well-deserved break, we get back in our kayaks and finish the final leg of our exciting journey back to where we started at Kayak Beach.

We take complimentary photos throughout the journey to help share your everlasting memories and will share them with you via a Google Drive link.

All tours are handled by

Mojave Adventure Kayaking LLC