How Long Is The Tour?

Our tours vary from 4 to 9 hours so please check the tour description for specific durations.

Do We Visit The Emerald Cave?

Every one of our northbound tours passes by the Emerald Cave. During peak season sometimes there is a line of paddlers and there can be a wait of over an hour. We will do our best to guide the tour in a way that we stop at the cave once the commotion has settled down.

What Is Included In The Tour?

All necessary kayaking equipment, a snack, and an excellent kayak tour guide!

Are pets allowed?

Pets are welcome! They must be 25 lbs or less and have

a life vest while in the kayak. *not provided

Is Transportation To And From The Tour Provided?

Unfortunately we do not provide shuttle service to the park. We highly recommend you do not take a ride share service as you will not be able to get a ride out after.

Do I Need Kayaking Experience?

Even if you're a beginner, or have never paddled before we will help you become a confident kayaker by the end of the trip. We specialize in introducing newcomers to the sport and find that many of our paddlers are first-timers or those with limited experience. To make it easier for you, we provide lightweight eddyline kayaks. Before departure, we'll give you safety rules and basic paddling instructions for a fun and safe experience. It's the perfect opportunity to try kayaking!

Is The Tour Guide Certified Or Trained In Kayaking Safety?

Your guide has been paddling personally and professionally for a number of years. With experience in rescue techniques, wind and weather patterns. Your guide has current CPR and Wilderness First-Aid certifications. We also carry communication devices for emergencies.

What Should I Wear And Bring?

In Summertime:

☼ sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, etc.

☼ shorts and a t-shirt ideally any material that dries quickly.

☼ AVOID cotton or denim clothing

☼ if you want to get in the water wear a bathing suit under your clothes

☼ water shoes or sandals ☼ a camera or your phone to take pictures and video

☼ cash for gift shop and gratuity

In winter time:

☼ sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, etc.

☼ try to layer with fleece hoodie, pants and long sleeve shirt ideally quick drying

☼ AVOID denim clothing

☼ if you plan to soak on the hot springs tour, wear a bathing suit under your clothes

☼ water shoes or sandals

☼ a camera or your phone to take pictures and video

☼ cash for gift shop and gratuity

Is There An Age Limit?

Children must be at least 5 years or older and we recommend 8 and under to go in a tandem with an adult. If you feel you can paddle for two, more power to you! Just remember, our trips are between 4 and 16 miles.

Is There A Weight Limit?

Yes: our single kayaks have a 300 lb. capacity and our 2-seater tandem kayaks can support under 600 lbs. with neither passenger weighing over 300 lbs. If you are concerned about tipping we suggest using a tandem kayak although heavier they provide more stability. The singles, while more streamlined, can be less stable and require better balance.

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Go?

Anytime is a great time at the river! We operate throughout the year as each season offers a unique experience.

☼ Fall and winter seasons provide calm and serene waters with fewer motorboats and visitors, and daytime temperatures in the low 60s make hot springs inviting.

☼ In spring, you can enjoy the colorful wildflowers and newborn wildlife while facing occasional winds in March and April.

☼ Summer, although busy, offers an opportunity to swim in cold water for a refreshing experience.

There is a season for everyone, and we are available to take you on a trip whenever you are ready.

Will The Tour Still Operate In Bad Weather

Trips run rain or shine. However, Sometimes, Mother Nature just doesn't cooperate so we may cancel any tour departure for weather or safety reasons.

What Is The Cancellation Policy?

All tours can be cancelled with more than 72 hours notice from departure time.

To offset the fact we don't charge booking and processing fees, we charge a 20% cancellation fee.

There is no penalty for tours cancelled due to weather safety.

All tours cancelled with less than 72 hours notice are non-refundable unless you purchased Peek Protect.

Are There Additional Fees I Should Be Aware Of?

Entrance fee to the national park is $25 per vehicle, or if you have a National Parks pass it is free. You can also buy a National Parks pass at the gate for $80 and it will get you into any National Park for free for a year from purchase. This is a great idea if you plan on going to a national park more than 3 times in a year.

Are There Bathrooms?

There are two restrooms at Willow Beach Marina. During the trip, we have a "pack in, pack out" rule, which means you have to carry your waste with you. If you need to go number two, we bring “wag bags” in case of emergency for you to use. For peeing, you can go in the river.

Can I Bring My Own Kayak Or Equipment?

You are most welcome to bring personal kayak equipment although we cannot help you bring it to the tour location.

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